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Tax filing platform for businesses and individuals

Required a scalable and resilient Tax filing cloud application for individuals and business.

The platform can concurrently handles 10k sessions and can scale to support 10M users.


  • TaxSpanner uses a highly scalable and secure AWS cloud scalable compliance-as-a-service platform.
  • Significantly reduces maintenance and DevOps costs.
  • Seamless customer experience even in the peak season of tax filing.



TaxSpanner has been a known brand in the fin-tech sector in India for twelve years. Along with Income Tax and GST filing solutions, they provide consulting in resolving tax hassles for both individuals and enterprises.



  • Django/Python
  • AWS
  • AngularJS
  • PostgresSQL
  • Cassandra

Description of the project:

India’s Tax Payer’s market is highly complex and dynamic. TaxSpanner requires a simple tax filing cloud application for individuals and business in the need of time. Building a tax filing cloud application for individuals and business is highly complex in terms of compliances, laws and regulations. The platform has millions of users with support required for more than 10000+ concurrent sessions. It uses automation for ingesting data from, excel, csv, PDF, html, etc to acquire details. Also, it was made flexible to auto scale near the deadlines of tax filing.

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