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Efficient file synchronization to Cloud Service

They require a data ingestion and cleaning pipeline solution through which they can synchronize their on-premise data with private and public cloud

Accelerated migration process by 300%


  • Optimized Google Cloud Platform data pipeline
  • Increase in client engagement by 2X
  • Seamless scaling aligned with an increase in clients



It is a software company that provides an IaaS platform for resource sharing, data governance, and real-time & predictive analytics for enterprises. They have global customer reach in different industries

United States


  • GO
  • Python
  • Django

Description of the project:

Built an efficient and scalable data ingestion pipeline to move 100s of TBs of files, for 1000s of concurrent users supporting a mix of clients- Windows, Mac, and Linux.There was huge data in several TBs with thousands of user authorizations with different permissions, on varied platforms- Windows, Mac, and Linux. The solution was required to be available 24x7 and accordingly optimized to onboard their customers in the least time possible. It uses GCP compute services and data is stored both on GCP cloud storage and private storage. The client was OS-dependent and the server was based on scalable GCP clusters utilizing GCIS, Dockers, Pub/sub, Kubernetes, etc. Along with active data, archival data that was spread unorganized across multiple locations globally was migrated.

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