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Internal funds and investment management application

Required digital transformation for funds and investment management application while minimizing costs and improving user experience.

Developed a single cloud app doing the work of three existing legacy applications.


  • Eliminated lags, freezes, and poor navigation from the applications
  • Ongoing project with a lot of surprising results to come.



This client is an organization that manages retirement funds for the respective Government personnel. It also provides housing and vehicle loans to them. The loans are secured against funds available to the personnel that are otherwise disbursed to them at the time of retirement.



  • Django/Python
  • PostgresSQL
  • Nginx
  • Docker

Description of the project:

Open-source technologies are used to craft the application in order to minimize/ eliminate licensing and maintenance costs. The existing solution was a mix of manual offline procedures and app-assisted procedures that requires frequent switching between legacy applications (each used by different departments). A unified solution was developed to tackle such problems using the mentioned technologies. The newly developed system is now capable of managing funds- loan application & monitoring, Investment schemes- Insurance and mutual funds for each and every personnel.

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