To The Top!

NLP-based content delivery platform

Required an end-to-end AI-based content delivery system that generates a summary for the top content, articles, or news from the internet for the entered keyword.

Generates a summary with 95% confidence-level in less than a minute.


  • The platform scraps 50+ websites in 30-60 secs
  • Highly accurate summaries generated in 500-2000 words



This client ventures into technological innovations for early-stage startups. They are responsible for realizing ideas through technology, managing projects, and delivery.

United States


  • GCP
  • Python
  • Firestore
  • Pub/Sub API
  • CloudVision APIs
  • Storage Bucket

Description of the project:

In order to fulfill the requirements, Natural Language Processing (NLP) methodologies were used to scrap the relevant content from the internet. NLP is a common application of Machine Learning. Numerous solutions like Cloud Storage, FireStore, Storage bucket, Cloud functions, Pub/Sub APIs, Compute Engine and App Engine, etc. were used from the Google Cloud platform to the architecture of this application. Customized scraping procedures were written to get the desired results.

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