To The Top!

Deep insight into customer feedback

By building a data analytics pipeline

Required automated and streamlined data procedures among plants, departments, and teams.

Achieved cleaning and analyzing of more than 1 million raw data files daily


  • Increased speed of product innovation backed by insights from post-sales
  • Developed data management solution for procurement operations
  • Automated Data reports for users in different business units



This client has been a known brand in the energy sector in India for decades. They offer a vast range of energy-based products- inverters, batteries, solar converters, wires and cables, vehicle chargers, and also some healthcare equipment.



  • Python
  • Google BigQuery
  • Tableau
  • Go

Description of the project:

There laid a huge challenge in front of us in which we had to organize and streamline raw data that consists of millions of files scattered across hundreds of sites in various formats. The data was comprehended by considering every use-case in reading the files. The entire data was scraped, cleaned, stored using ETL business procedures, and re-engineered using an omnichannel platform. Then, it was further processed and prepared for generating valuable insights using BigQuery. Data analytics pipeline provided critical insights, visualized using Tableau, that critically aided in improving 100s of the client’s products.

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