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A Global Enterprise Cloud sharing Platform

Industry: Paas Provider/Cloud-Tech

This confidential client uses multi-cloud data pipelines to onboard 2x of their customers on their platform.

India’s leading Energy products and services provider

Industry: Energy

This enterprise generates valuable insights from post-sales product data leveraging BigQuery and Tableau, for rapid product improvement.


Industry: FinTech

TaxSpanner uses a scalable and resilient Tax filing cloud application for individuals and business.

Content Delivery Platform

Industry: Internet

This client got an NLP-based application build that gathers information from relevant results, collates and summarizes the content with more than 95% accuracy.

Confidential Government Project

Industry: Government

The client is getting a complete loan, investment, benefits, and salary management system developed for its employee for a seamless, easy-to-navigate, and swift experience.

Investment management and monitoring application

Industry: Government

Conceptualized and developed a versatile investment management and monitoring application for this client. The app helps in organizing the investment data and generating essential information out of it.

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