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Improve your cloud performance and save your cloud expenses

Cloud DataVision is an App performance and cloud monitoring solution that monitors your Kubernetes clusters, gathers logs, and provides real-time analytics through interactive dashboards

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We proactively customize and implement the DataVision framework according to your requirements and goals while making sure that every critical resource and app gets monitored and thus optimized. Start Monitoring. Start Saving.

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Proprietary ways to create a cluster on different clouds

Web-based GUI with one-click Button to create a K8s
cluster on any Cloud

Deploying application on K8s cluster is cumbersome

One-Click Web-based GUI to deploy your applications
on the K8s Cluster

Understanding cost is complex

Understand how K8s cluster resources are being used to help
reduce costs and prevent resource mismanagement

Deep Monitoring cloud application and clusters are multiple
steps specific to cloud

Single click enable monitoring cluster-wide for
applications and cluster

I understand what I should do but it is cumbersome?

Prismberry provides migration and optimization services

Complex problems DataVision is solving


  • Single-Click Web-based Deploy Kubernetes Cluster
  • Single-Click web-based Deploy Application in Cluster
  • Support these Clouds: GCP, AWS, Azure, etc.
  • Enabled with Kubernetes, Helm, REST, Django and python
  • Metrics, Logging and Alerting Support using Prometheus exporters
  • Intuitive Dashboards for Cluster, Nodes, Apps and Pods
  • Monitor Compute, Network and Storage Usage
  • Metrics with Grafana, Prometheus, REST, Django and python
  • Real-time monitoring of Cloud Performance metrics of Databases and Applications
  • Identifying bottlenecks and resource consumptions with real-time Application monitoring
  • Dashboards showing the cost of resources usage
  • AI, ML, REST, Django and python
  • Alert on Performance bottlenecks in real-time and improvement suggestions
  • Alert on wasteful Cost spending and cost-saving recommendations
  • Scale to handle an increase in demand of Compute, Storage, and Network
  • AI, ML, REST, Django, and python.


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