Microservices architecture: Key to Cloud Applications

Evaluation of distributed applications wouldn’t be possible without microservices. The microservice architecture enables application developers to build scalable applications on top of the cloud environment.

What is a microservice?

1. Why microservices-based application architecture?

Inherently microservices are smaller pieces of code that can work independently and communicate with other microservices using well-defined interfaces known as APIs. The microservice architecture along with APIs is key to building today’s cloud applications. Few benefits such architecture provides but not limited to

In today’s environment where distributed teams are a reality rather than an approach, such architecture helps organizations build solutions at ease. As each microservice is independent of other microservices that communicate with well defined APIs, it can be developed by a totally separate team. But while doing so communication is key to ensure the right definition of APIs and data format for interoperability.

In addition, microservice architecture has many other challenges:

2. Ask the experts how you can take your cloud app to next level

Prismberry has the necessary skills and processes to help our partners develop scalable cloud-based applications based on a microservices architecture. We bring in years of experience building multi-cloud applications, using the right tools and technologies, and building essential monitoring and logging inherently to ensure scalable and maintainable applications.

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