How to use Kubernetes on GCP

Kubernetes, aka, K8s is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and managing containerized applications. It handles the work of scheduling containers onto a compute cluster and manages the workloads to ensure they run as the user intends.

What will you learn:-

1. What is Kubernetes

2. Kubernetes Architecture

It has two major components:-

i. Master Node – The master node receives input from the CLI or UI as it is the entry point for all the administrative tasks. It has the following four components:-

ii. Worker Node – Worker nodes contain all the necessary services to manage the networking between the containers, communicate with the master node, and assign resources to the scheduled containers.It’s three major components are:-

Kubernetes supports several container runtimes: DockercontainerdCRI-O, and any implementation of the Kubernetes CRI (Container Runtime Interface).

3. Using Kubernetes on GCP

GCP provides a managed and secured Kubernetes service called GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine) to create and maintain k8s clusters. GKE is GCP’s enterprise-grade platform to deploy containerized applications and services on kubernetes clusters.

4. Key Features of GKE:

Check out all the features provided by GKE here.

5. Cluster Creation on GKE:

Follow the steps below to create a cluster using GKE console:

In the Cluster basics section, complete the following:

From the navigation pane, under Node Pools, click default-pool.

From the navigation pane, under Node Pools, click default-pool.


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