DevOps Automation Services: Everything You Need To Know

In the existing digital economy, organizations need to churn out quality applications faster than ever before. It is not just to gain an edge over the competitors, but to remain relevant. The availability of digital solutions and emerging technologies has put customer experience at the heart of business operations. Companies must meet customer expectations at speed, scale and quality. This is where DevOps automation comes into the picture. It helps businesses keep up with the dynamic customer demands by replacing traditional processes with automation. DevOps automation services are the most sought-after IT services as they help companies deploy reliable software quickly.

In this article, we will explore what DevOps automation services entail and why you should know about this practice as a leader in the software industry.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a set of best practices, tactics, and methods that allow you to optimize your software development journey. It relies on breaking barriers between the development and operations teams leveraging practices like continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment (CI/CD). In the current competitive business landscape, organizations are required to deliver features and updates at a high speed and rather frequently. With engineers scrambling to cut down turnaround times, DevOps was conceptualized. DevOps creates a process loop eliminating the knowledge siloes of developers and the IT operations team.

To explain the distinction between DevOps and traditional IT processes, please refer to the below table.

1. What is DevOps automation?

DevOps automation is the process of using software tools and practices that replace manual efforts to manage repetitive tasks with automated workflows. DevOps automation is designed to streamline and expedite the entire software development process while ensuring process efficiency. With the help of automation, you can decrease manual errors, while enhancing collaboration for swift software delivery.

For DevOps practice, automation has been a foundational principle to accelerate the software development process seamlessly. By automating repetitive tasks, you allow your team to contribute to more important aspects of application development. Furthermore, with DevOps automation services, you can adopt a shift left security practice, and improve observabilty.

2. Why should you choose DevOps automation services?

DevOps automation services give you a defining opportunity to facilitate better collaboration between teams, boost overall employee productivity, witness a significant drop in time-to-market, and lower operational costs.

Some of the key features of DevOps automation services are listed below.

3. Infrastructure automation

DevOps automation services allow companies to streamline infrastructure provisioning by programming automation to allocate resources when needed. You can achieve this by deploying code, setting up infrastructure, and managing configurations.

4. Automated testing

By closely integrating automation with DevOps, you can access a range of functionalities like automated testing. With an increased focus on the reliability and availability of applications, security is essential. However, including security across the software development cycle may be a challenge due to the added operational tasks. You can easily manage them through DevOps automation services. It ensures bug-free applications with superior performance.

5. Continuous integration and delivery

CI/CD is essential for DevOps to extend its application development benefits. You can easily attain this through DevOps automation services by automating code building, testing, and deploying changes directly to the production environment. Due to the streamlined workflow, you can save significant time in introducing new features and upgrades to the customers.

6. Collaboration between Dev & Ops

Software deployment was a time-consuming and tedious process before DevOps due to the constant back-and-forth between developers and IT operators. With DevOps automation services, however, you remove the partitions between teams so that you can work more efficiently and churn out high-quality applications.

Maximize DevOps automation services with Prismberry

Leveraging automation with DevOps practices will help you streamline your development process while also reducing mistakes. Although there are several cloud service providers, it is important to evaluate them based on their experience. This is where Prismberry adds great value. It offers an end-to-end suite of cloud services including DevOps automation services to deploy quality products faster.


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