DataVision v/s Stackdriver

Which cloud monitoring solution is better in 2020? How do they differ and similar in features? Where Operations Suite falls behind?

In this article, we will compare Prismberry’s own Cloud DataVision with Google Cloud’s Operations Suite (formerly Stackdriver) and how DataVision has kept its mark and standards in providing value in the cloud monitoring space.

Operations Suite - in a Nutshell

Operations Suite is a monitoring tool that gives IT groups execution information about applications and virtual machines running on the Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. Operations Suite performs checking, logging, and diagnostics to assist organizations with guaranteeing ideal execution and accessibility. The administration accumulates execution measurements and metadata from different cloud accounts and permits IT groups, to see that information through the custom dashboards, graphs, and reports.

Operations Suite is locally coordinated with Google Cloud Platform and facilitated on Google framework, yet the observing abilities can likewise be utilized for applications and virtual machines.

1. Cloud DataVision- in a nutshell

Cloud DataVision is an innovative multi-cloud solution to deploy applications in a cluster; predict, optimize cost & performance with continuous smart monitoring. It is crafted by Prismberry’s own tech veterans who have put their expertise to this solution that not only provides the essential real-time monitoring with drill-down analytics but also facilitates real-time cost estimation for the cloud spend.

DataVision is highly flexible and scalable with respect to any cloud infrastructure that an organization can possess. Along with Google Cloud, it also supports AWS public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

2.Common features that they share

Automated alerts are essential to monitoring. They allow you to spot problems anywhere in your infrastructure so that you can rapidly identify their causes and minimize service degradation and disruption.

If metrics and other measurements facilitate observability, then alerts draw human attention to the particular systems that require observation, inspection, and intervention.

3. DataVision’s advantages over Operations Suite

4. Which way to go?

Google Cloud’s Operations Suite is a well-known name in the space of Cloud monitoring. If the decision is to be made on the basis of the physical evidence of the solution then Operations Suite will be the probable choice. On the other hand, if the decision is to be made under a strict budget or you are looking to explore cloud/ app monitoring at a micro level then one may probably opt for Cloud DataVision and of course, they will get more features at more affordable investments.

At the very early stage, the ultimate goal for anyone who is looking for a cloud monitoring solution is to save cloud spend and optimize performance, until you experience the value added by monitoring in a longer run. So, which way do you want to go?


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