6 Factors To Consider When Selecting A Cloud Migration Service Provider

For the longest time, enterprises limited cloud computing to new applications or IT assets. It was considered a sensible strategy to avoid disruptions to their business-critical applications. The approach has seen a massive shift in the last few years with companies accelerating their move to cloud environments. The cloud-centric approach is becoming a competitive edge as it allows companies to spin up an innovative solution and release it into the market rapidly. Cloud applications eliminate operational bottlenecks like managing servers and acquiring software licenses.

Cloud migration, meanwhile, requires you to shift your existing applications, and workloads from on-prem systems to cloud platforms. It typically means you will be moving thousands of databases, critical workloads, and applications. The scale and complexity involved in such an endeavor demand deep expertise and experience. You can build an internal team to carry out the migration, which will be both cost and resource-intensive. Instead, you can collaborate with a cloud migration service provider like Prismberry.

In this blog, we will delve into factors you must consider when picking a cloud service provider.

Factors to consider when evaluating your cloud service provider


There are a number of companies that provide digital transformation services to businesses of all sizes. Although cloud migration comes under the purview of digital transformation, it is a niche service nonetheless. If you are planning to move your legacy applications to cloud environments, you must select a cloud migration services provider that can understand the unique needs of your business.

Most companies just compare the proposals from multiple companies based on the cost. However, there are quite a few considerations you must make like data security protocols, disaster recovery protocols, data migration speed and efficiency, etc.,

Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Expertise Across Diverse Cloud Solutions

When selecting a service provider, it’s crucial to evaluate their expertise and implementation experience with different cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. It will help you realize how well they can guide you through the migration. Also, a cloud migration services provider with diverse platform experience will also understand the security and compliance requirements as well.

2. Certifications and Compliance Standards

Evaluate the service provider on their compliance with industry regulations by assessing their certifications and practices to ensure compliance standards. Following best practices will not only optimize your cloud usage to control costs but also strengthen cloud security to protect your workloads. All in all, this factor gives you a clear picture of how capable your cloud migration services provider is in overcoming regulatory challenges.

3. Technology Roadmap and Comprehensive Service Offerings

A company service portfolio ie., the digital transformation services they offer can also be used to understand whether their capabilities are in line with your requirements. A service provider with a robust technology roadmap will facilitate thoroughly planned cloud migration services. Their approach should involve predicting and preparing for risk management issues.

4. Data Security and Governance Measures

Security is a critical aspect not only after you move your IT assets to cloud environments, but also during the migration process. To ensure your data is protected and the integrity of your resources upheld, evaluate the cloud migration services providers’ data security and governance practices at a minute level. Hackers find it easy to attempt data breaches during the migration process. Therefore, it makes it all the more necessary to ensure that the company has a strong security stance.

5. Customer Support Services

Cloud migration is a long-term process and once it is initiated, the process needs to be monitored closely. Your cloud migration services provider must be responsive and should provide multiple support channels. The availability of your service provider plays a critical role in addressing issues that may crop up during the process in a timely fashion.

6. Adaptability to Infrastructure Changes and Performance Demands

Your cloud migration services provider should become a part of your organization working for the success of your digitalization. It happens only when they are capable of adapting to your infrastructure changes while ensuring performance is uninterrupted. An ideal cloud services company will accommodate your dynamic changes to provide the ideal cloud experience for your business operations.

7. Financial Assessment

When assessing a pricing proposal, you must look beyond the cost of the overall cloud migration project. Although the budget is essential, the proposal has other key aspects like schedule, timelines, and overall expenses that you will have to bear. Given the complexity of the migration, the budget could quickly be violated. Therefore, you must evaluate the pricing based on your financial limitations.

Strategize your cloud migration journey with Prismberry

As an organization aspiring to leverage cloud computing to gain a competitive edge, you must carry out a meticulous evaluation process. Making an informed decision is key to ensuring the success of your cloud transformation plan. Prismberry is the ultimate choice for cloud migration success. A next-gen cloud and data solutions provider that revolutionizes business, Prismberry has a proven track record of delivering cloud-based solutions for various sectors. Whether you need cloud application development, cloud strategy, or application modernization, Prismberry has you covered. We work closely with clients to understand their needs and provide them with customised cloud solutions.


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